Home to beautiful, unique wallpapers from around the world, Wall Library exists to provide you with an alternative choice when it comes to decorating your home. This e-boutique showcases a wide selection of unconventional products drawn from across the globe, including Canada, New York, Los Angeles and the Netherlands, as well as from more local British designers; and aims to become a forerunner in the field of hand printed wallpapers.

Boasting exclusive UK access to progressive American designers such as Aimée Wilder, Cavern, Jill Malek and Palacepapers; Wall Library is also proud to be the sole UK distributor of the Canadian designer Judit Gueth and the Australian company Monomeith Designs. When you need a different viewpoint as to how and why you should decorate your home, our library of designers and styles will be able to inspire and enthuse you.

Whether you enjoy traditional patterns and colours or are in love with contemporary designs and styles, you are welcome to browse the extensive and impressive collection that is present here. We hope you discover something that you find breathtaking during your time in our e-boutique, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Designer Wallpaper

Aimée Wilder  Wallpaper
Aimée Wilder
Akin & Suri  Wallpaper
Akin & Suri
Ana Montiel  Wallpaper
Ana Montiel
Antoine Desailly Wallpaper
Antoine Desailly
ATADesigns  Wallpaper
Baines & Fricker  Wallpaper
Baines & Fricker
Barneby Gates  Wallpaper
Barneby Gates
Bartsch  Wallpaper
Beware the Moon Wallpaper
Beware the Moon
Cavern  Wallpaper
Ella Doran  Wallpaper
Ella Doran
Eley Kishimoto Wallpaper
Eley Kishimoto
Emma Molony Wallpaper
Emma Molony
Erica Wakerly Wallpaper
Erica Wakerly
In Création Paris  Wallpaper
In Création Paris
Jill Malek  Wallpaper
Jill Malek
Judit Gueth  Wallpaper
Judit Gueth
Loboloup  Wallpaper
Louise Body Wallpaper
Louise Body
Makelike Wallpaper
Mini Labo Wallpaper
Mini Labo
Nat Maks Wallpaper
Nat Maks
Paperboy Wallpaper
Patternbooth Wallpaper
Roomblush Wallpaper
Perron 11 Wallpaper
Perron 11
Rapture & Wright Wallpaper
Rapture & Wright
Room Seven Wallpaper
Room Seven
Sian Elin Wallpaper
Sian Elin
Sian Zeng Wallpaper
Sian Zeng
Sissy+Marley for Jill Malek Wallpaper
Sissy+Marley for Jill Malek
St Jude's Wallpaper
St Jude's
Surfacephilia Wallpaper
Studio Ditte Wallpaper
Studio Ditte
Tiles Wallpaper
The Mark on the Wall  Wallpaper
The Mark on the Wall
Turner Pocock Cazalet Wallpaper
Turner Pocock Cazalet
Yoyo Designs Wallpaper
Yoyo Designs

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