The Mark on the Wall

Once upon a time there were four very talented artists, reputation spread far and wide:Laurent Cilluffo, Jochen Gerner, Jose Parrondo and Anouk Ricard, to put them in alphabetical order (since they have to be in some sort of order)!

Simon-Pierre Herman came up with the idea of asking them to create decorative borders that children could stick onto their bedroom walls. They agreed straightaway.

Then one day, when they were all working hard on this project, one of them suddenly turned and said to the others: "What if we stopped working and let the children get on with it themselves? Let's not colour them in ! Let's not finish our drawings! We've done enough work as it is! Let's let them have a go, they've got plenty of imagination! I'm sure they'lll finish our drawings off just as well as we could...And since everyone's imagination is different, they will all have their VERY own paper." No sooner said than done!

A killer idea! No matter how much Simon-Pierre grumbled and begged, it was all in vain. They refused to give up on the idea. One of them said, " If the children want to practise before they start, they can use the trimmings that won't be stuck on the wall!" Another announced that, "If the parents want to try it too, why not! At their own height or in their own bedrooms if they want."

Faced with this avalanche of protests, I finally had to give in. But after giving it a little thought, I decided that it was an excellent idea after all. Because, when it comes down to it, we know that more than 30,000 years ago, people drew wonderful pictures on the walls of the gloomy caves they lived in. We are all familiar with these works of art which, miraculously, have survived to our times. Nowadays, there are only a handful of cave dwellers left in our part of the world (and most of them are terrible snobs). Mammoths have disappeared, to be replaced by zoo elephants with much less spectacular body hair. But is this a reason to stop decorating the walls of our homes, which are now houses rather than caves? Certainly not! Never!

To conclude, I would just like to say one thing: “Get out your pencils, your felt pens and your paintbrushes!” Be creative, work hard and, above all, enjoy yourselves! 


Designer Wallpaper

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